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Rondom thought on the Oscars.

Shame on those anti gay protesters, who were outside.  I can't comprehend where their hatred comes from!

Brad and Angelina are in danger of becoming too overexposed.

I have seen Jennifer Aniston look way sexier then she did last night and wish she put this look on last night in front of Angelina


Goldie Hawn is not aging gracefully.

Those slum dog children are so adorable.

It was in poor taste and out of place that Ben Stillar mocked Joaquin Phoenix at the Oscars, in front of his peers. (Although it was funny, wish he saved it for another venue!)

Philip Hoffman Seymore's hat was just plain silly.

I am ashame to admit it but I found Seth Rogen sexy last night.

Sean Penn gave tthe best acceptance speech...ever!

What was Beyonce doing there...and MIley Cyrus too?

I thought Hugh Jackman did a good job!


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Yes - agreed on all counts.

Even the Seth Rogen part? ;)

Hugh Jackman could have just stood there and I'd have watched.

Hugh Jackman has not been on my radar...until now!!!!

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