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Saw Doubt Yesterday so have to adjust my Oscar picks.  Sorry kate Winslet, your performance was excellent but there is aa reason why Meryl Streep has been nominated 15 times...her performance was outstanding...perfect! 

And Marisa, I like you too but hated the Wrestler...and Viola Davis was amazing.   In her only scene she was able to hold her own against Meryl and convey her whole characters life!  After she left the screen I knew her intimately.

The Visitor was on TV last night so we got to catch that one too.  Good film yes, Good performance by Richard Jenkins too but Oscar worthy...naw!

So excited for the really big show tonight.

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I don't think I've seen any of the big Oscar movies this year. We don't go that often, and the big ones aren't out on netflix yet.

I love going to the movies but it has only been the past few years that we can go a lot, now that the girls are older.

I have trouble with Meryl since I disliked Mamma Mia so much.

I didn't like her in Momma Mia either....but have you seen her other films?

Only Slumdog Millionaire.

do you mean to say you have never seen a Meryl Streep film besides Momma Mia?

Oh. I thought you meant the other Oscar films.
Yes I've seen lots of her films - there are so many they're hard to avoid. But with Mamma Mia being my most recent memory it's turned me off her cause I disliked that movie soooo much.

I didn't dislike the film as much as you...but was disappointed in it because the stage production was soooooo good.

Meryl rolling around on the roof was a big turn off for me...but I forgive her because she is in some of my favourite films...Kramer vs Kramer for one!

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