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Rondom thought on the Oscars.

Shame on those anti gay protesters, who were outside.  I can't comprehend where their hatred comes from!

Brad and Angelina are in danger of becoming too overexposed.

I have seen Jennifer Aniston look way sexier then she did last night and wish she put this look on last night in front of Angelina


Goldie Hawn is not aging gracefully.

Those slum dog children are so adorable.

It was in poor taste and out of place that Ben Stillar mocked Joaquin Phoenix at the Oscars, in front of his peers. (Although it was funny, wish he saved it for another venue!)

Philip Hoffman Seymore's hat was just plain silly.

I am ashame to admit it but I found Seth Rogen sexy last night.

Sean Penn gave tthe best acceptance speech...ever!

What was Beyonce doing there...and MIley Cyrus too?

I thought Hugh Jackman did a good job!


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Saw Doubt Yesterday so have to adjust my Oscar picks.  Sorry kate Winslet, your performance was excellent but there is aa reason why Meryl Streep has been nominated 15 times...her performance was outstanding...perfect! 

And Marisa, I like you too but hated the Wrestler...and Viola Davis was amazing.   In her only scene she was able to hold her own against Meryl and convey her whole characters life!  After she left the screen I knew her intimately.

The Visitor was on TV last night so we got to catch that one too.  Good film yes, Good performance by Richard Jenkins too but Oscar worthy...naw!

So excited for the really big show tonight.

Mistaken Identity.
I was watching a bit of the Grammies last night and I thought for a split second that Mickey Rourke showed up at the wrong awards show.  But I was wrong.  It was Robert Plant!

Her Grand Entrance!
Because Ellen missed New Year's at Gail and Glen's, Gail made her grand entrance last night, by wearing a silly New Years hat, blowing on a stupid noise maker and holding a bottle of Champagne.  And that is why I love her so much!

Sarah Mclachlan...Closer

My current favourite video...


Montreal Massacre

20 years ago at a University in Montreal (that is known for it's engineering school,) a young man walked in with a gun, went into a classroom, and separated the men from the women and shot only the women!  He continued his rampage in the cafeteria and hunted down a few more women like animals.  After killing 15 women he turned the gun on himself.  A film is being released this week in Quebec about this massacre and it is causing quite a controversy. 

I want to see it.  I want to know what happened in detail.  I am curious, always have been.  I was glued to the radio a couple of months ago when his mother was interviewed after 20 years of silence. I just heard the director being interviewed on the radio and it sounds like he has treated the subject matter with respect.  It is a well researched film and has had the blessing of many survivors and even has had input from the shooter's mom.   That is not to say that it is intense...very the reviews keep reporting.

Even the trailor is upsetting to watch.  I wonder why I want to do that to myself, why I want to see this film.



Even though I am Canadian I had the TV on all day yesterday to watch the inauguration.  I am so happy that our neighbours have a leader that will restore the U.S.  to it's formal glory!  I loved the tone of his speech.  So different (i.e. non confrontational, calming instead of stirring up fear etc)  from what we are use to hearing from the President Bush.    I too have high hopes.

On a lighter note...this is what my favourite Canadian comedian, Rick Mercer,  had to say about Obama



Slum dog Millionire

Watching the trailer makes me want to see this movie again...  I also wish I looked that good in yellow!!!!


(no subject)

Bonko the other night was a success, I think.  Everyone seemed to have a good time and loved the prizes.  So pressure is off for hosting again for at least a year.    Small group though.  Two people called in sick at the last minute so had to play with some ghosts. 

Yesterday I did Meals on Wheels, went to physio and then got home and fell dead asleep on the couch for three hours.  Usually I cat nap in the afternoon but never for that long.  Ellen came in at 6 with the lights all out and had trouble waking me up.  I was extremely sleepy after that New Year's party too when I slept for 30 hours!   Could this be a new reaction to drinking wine!?!?!

I got to go to the Head Cheese at the physio clinic because my sciatic nerve is not improving fast enough.  I have heard a lot of good things about this woman so I am thankful for the referral.  She was very thorough and told me I am extremely out of keel, what ever that means. 
Both her and the previous physio agree,  I have weakened muscles due to my cesareans and have to start stretching more or I am in for a life time of back pain.   I think I will enroll in yoga this year.  I have tried it in the past and hated it because I am very inflexible (this also confirmed by the physio) but now it is a matter of my long time health.

This is the time of year that Geoff and I try to cram in all the Oscar contenders.  Last weekend we saw Slum Dog Millionaire (extremely excellent!) and The Reader (very good).  this weekend we plan on seeing The Reader and maybe another one.    I would love to see Happy Go Lucky and I Have Loved You So Long,  but both have yet to come to Montreal.  They were playing in Toronto last weekend...should have caught them there.

So my favourites in order so far.

Slumdog Millionaire (By a long shot)

The Reader

Greg Keelor with the Sadies...

And Greg was on the same bill.....I can't believe I love the psychedelic rock he does with the Sadies.  The guy can do no worng in my eyes.


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