This is What I am Thinking

And Dare Not Say Out loud

Garth Hudson with the Sadies

Play only if you like the Blues.


Flight Number: AC408
Left the gate at 11:00.
Arrived at 13:09.

YEAH his flight made it in just in he has to make it home from the airport!

Slipping through my fingers

Just finished watching Momma Mia.  I challenged any mother of a daughter to watch this video without crying.

Neil Young's best Encoure ever!

Neil Young's version of the Beatle's Day in the Life . 

I can't beleive I saw this live the other night.  The energy level was amazing.

Serena Ryder.

This song was the first 45 I ever bought, way back when...and now Serena Ryder (Another favourite new singer of mine) has re- released it on her new CD!  So excited! 

This is my happy song. 

Alex Cuba and Ron Sexsmith

My favourite new singer singing with one of my old Favourites.

Election burn out
A couple of weeks ago we (Canadians) re-elected a prime minister who called the election 2 years early!  It was impossible not to get involved with the US election next door.  And now the premier of Quebec has called a provincial election 2 years early as well!!!!  bah Humbug.

Played 2 hours of tennis this morning and raked leaves all afternoon.  Plus I woke up at 4:30 am and had to check the internet to see if Obama really won and to hear his speech. So I need a nap!

(no subject)
Is there some type of election today or something?

So far so good!
I bought our Halloween Candy on Tuesday and have yet to eat any of it!!!!

Enjoy the ride....
Been cooking all day, so it must be fall.  In fall I get the urge to cook.  Going to the farmers market and seeing all that fresh food does it to me every time.  Today I made home made apple sauce, pumpkin loaf and soup.  I experimented with the soup...I threw in a small turnip, cauliflower, potatoe and some carrots with some home made chicken stock.     It came out quite thick so I poured in some apple cider and spiced it up with nutmeg and cinnamon.  It's pretty good.  I think I will experiment with some more soup combo's next week.  In the summer it is fruit smoothies every day for lunch... in cooler weather it's soup. 

I have not been playing tennis for about 3 weeks now.  I threw out my back changing the sheets on our new kingsize bed...lifting that damn mattress.  I complicated the injury by running down the stairs in socks and sliding down the final three steps on my butt.  Bruised my tail bone.  Ouch!   So after a week of suffering I went to phsio and it got all better.  I went to my tennis lesson Monday and it stiffened up again!   It sucks getting old.  So physio again yesterday but  I decided to miss our practice this morning  The physio gave me a sheet with exercises to do...each one had repetitions of 10...she crossed that out and wrote 5...I am trying not to take that personally.    And just to show her I am doing 30!!!! 

Even though I missed pratise, I did meet Carla and Tina for pre-tennis breakfast this morning like we did all last year.  Sandra can't fit tennis in with her boys school schedule so she is taking a break.   I have not seen these girls all summer.  The three of them decided to do dragon boat racing instead of outdoor tennis.    It was good to see them again but I got to admit I felt kind of left out all summer.   I never heard from them all summer....out of site out of mind I guess.   I did send off the occasional email to them to try to keep in touch.

They already have Carla's going away party all planned out and felt hurt I wasn't even consulted.   Carla was originally my friend and I was the one who introduced her to Tina and Sandra...that sounded possessive didn't it?   Anyway my point it the four of us have hung out together for years and am hurt I was not included in on the plans.  I have real mix feelings about her moving, anyway.

Geoff is away in Mexico City all week.  His work bought some properties down there. With Geoff's travel schedule, so often it is just Ellen and I for dinner.  I still set the table and light the candles and make a good meal for the two of us.  We spend a lot of time together....I was thinking today, that years ago, it was one on one time with my first born Claire...and Ellen never got that experience...but now things have reversed.. finally it's Ellen's turn and as an adult Claire will never get that quality time.

I am still thinking about the horse competition and am so glad that Ellen has the coaches she has:  Michelle and Chris.  They are both so low key, encouraging, positive and calm.  I saw many coaches bombarding their riders with instructions just before they enter the ring...(remember this and that...nag-nag-nag.)    All that Chris said to Ellen was was..."Enjoy the ride."  I really like that relaxed atmosphere.   


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