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Montreal Massacre

20 years ago at a University in Montreal (that is known for it's engineering school,) a young man walked in with a gun, went into a classroom, and separated the men from the women and shot only the women!  He continued his rampage in the cafeteria and hunted down a few more women like animals.  After killing 15 women he turned the gun on himself.  A film is being released this week in Quebec about this massacre and it is causing quite a controversy. 

I want to see it.  I want to know what happened in detail.  I am curious, always have been.  I was glued to the radio a couple of months ago when his mother was interviewed after 20 years of silence. I just heard the director being interviewed on the radio and it sounds like he has treated the subject matter with respect.  It is a well researched film and has had the blessing of many survivors and even has had input from the shooter's mom.   That is not to say that it is intense...very the reviews keep reporting.

Even the trailor is upsetting to watch.  I wonder why I want to do that to myself, why I want to see this film.


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Just chilling. I wish I were closer, I'd go with you! Can you even imagine what those women must've had going through their minds as he separated them to the side like that, and him with that weapon? That thought in itself is disturbing and much brightness and life. Murder always seems senseless.

Why the controversy?

Wish you were closer too, would love to go to a movie with you! I can't imagine either what those women went through, maybe that is one of the reasons I would like to see this film.

The controversy is that some believe it is inappropriate to make a commercial film about this inmfamous event. Even though it happened 20 years ago, it is very fresh in the minds of Montrealers.

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